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Russell Westbrook 2019-2020 Outlook

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I am going to guess that when people say DND they mean they have him ranked so low that he won't be around when they would be ready to draft him. Everyone has a value. The DND is just an easy way to s

I agree with the first part (especially in dynasty), but I think you meant to say scorer instead of shooter when comping MJ.  Westbrook hustles to get stats so I don't think the decline will be o

Everyone's acting like this guy will just continue along at peak prime fitness, he's 31 years old athletism like his drops off a cliff fast. His play style is a ticking time-bomb for those knees, i'm

His hand injury is probably going to give him a really poor start to the season and managers will be freaking out. Trade for him on the cheap early and just wait it out. He will get there. It's like going to slot machine that you just saw some old lady lose 100× in a row on. That's the machine you want. I'm less looking to draft him and more looking to trade for him around week 2. 

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15 minutes ago, ejaggit said:

To be honest though he looks REALLY nice trying to fit into this system. He’s making the right plays. He could be more aggressive/selfish but I can tell harden told him to let him take all the shots lol


Idk about all season long / playoffs, but this stagger combo looks good. I'm kinda surprised tbh. Still a long road ahead. I own both lol.

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1 minute ago, a-rob said:

THis guy was drafted round 2 in most leagues. If his FG and FT will still sucks, and big hit on counting stats, owners are gonna regret picking him that early


He's like Draymond Green on Speed now. No complaints from me.

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10 hours ago, terribleswedes said:

But guuuuuuuys, he'll turn his FT% around this year.

Sarcasm aside, overall, better than I expected numerically and on the court from the Russ/Harden team-up


It's looking that way, but damn has anyone ever just randomly gone from a career average  80 pct ft shooter on volume to sub 70 like this? The only explanation I've seen is that they changed the rule about walking away from the ft line in between ft's which messed up his routine, but it seems crazy something so small screwed things up this badly

I drafted both Harden and Westbrook, so as expected its looking like Westbrook kinda negates Harden's value as an anchor. Glass half full, Harden "neutralized" Westbrook's ft hit and it came out to a total of 21/25 for .840. Glass half empty, it took 14/14 from Harden to keep the combined average over 80

The rest of my team are +80 ft shooters though and have some high pct/high volume guys like Booker, so at least I don't have to outright punt ft's alongside fg/to, but Westbrook's so bad that I can't count on fts being an automatic lock even with Harden/Booker, and preserving FT pct came at the expense of punting Blocks by focusing on high FT pct bigmen like Lauri/Love. Any given week I'm basically a Harden rest game/injury away from 75~ ft shooting and punting 4 out of 9 categories

Outside of specific roster construction, this midcareer FT nosedive has made him a tough player to own and even with a punt fg/to team I drafted with the ft hit in mind, I'm still going back and forth on the wisdom of the risk that comes with chasing the reward of the counting stats

The counting stats are so tough to turn down though, and at least early signs are good on that front

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Well as much as I’ve s--- on Westbrook I drafted him in three teams because he was cheap.  And I accommodated his weaknesses either in 8 cat, punting his FG, making up for his FT%.  Eg if you punt FG/To he’s a top 10 player and presumably you’ll have other FT%.  Regarding his FT though, it doesn’t really matter that a guard has never dropped from a 80% to a 70% guy.  Everything has to happen for a first time and it’s happening now.  

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Completely cherry picked and arbitrary cutoff stat of the day = His 9/10 ft shooting against NO already beats his best freethrow shooting performance from last season on 10+ attempts


Only shot over 80% on volume twice all last season (which I'll arbitrarily say is anything over 6 attempts) , and its only his second game this year

What does that mean? Possibly absolutely nothing, but man if he gets close to being a 80% shooter again then you just got a top 5 overall guy at a deep discount this year

Edit: His ft dropoff looks especially crazy if you just go back and look at game logs from 2 years ago and sort by ft attempts


Guy had fairly consistent 16/18, 17/17 type nights, and 46 games with 10+ trips to the line to 13 games with that volume last year (and from 16 games with 15+ attempts to zero). I wonder if decreased volume actually throws him off an he's some kind of rhythm ft shooter

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