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Better RB play, Fournette or Austin Ekeler for week 2?

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This is not one of the leagues I commish, this is one of the leagues I do that are buddies of mine. 



It is a 12 man league with .5 PPR.  10 yards a point for both rushing and receiving yards. 


1 bonus point for rushing and receiving yards at 125 yards

2 bonus points at 150 yards

3 bonus point at 200 yards


6 points a touchdown.


My other RB starting is Saquon.


Looking for candor, and good vibes to everybody

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Well first off , that was probably Ekeler's biggest game of his career. 3 TD's will never happen again, I mean even 2 TD's might not even happen again. Now JAX is starting a rookie QB , while he is competent, Foles was definitely the more experienced QB and elevated the Jags scoring opportunities. So with that I vote Ekeler also


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31 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

Ekeler and it's not even close! Fournette never stays healthy a whole season. 


It's not even close? I'd say it's pretty close lol. Fournette is practically their entire offense at this point.

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I'd go Fournette. They lost Foles and will need to lean on Fournette as much as possible, he will not be coming off the field unless he gets injured. He had 5.1 ypc last week and was catching passes. He's going to be getting about 20+ touches every week.

The Chargers just lost Hunter Henry and Mike Williams probably won't play so Keenan Allen and Ekeler should get a lot of work, I'm just not convinced he's going to have a monster game like week 1.

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I do think the Chargers will spread the ball a bit more this week. Jackson getting more looks. Jacksonville will be spreading the ball out a bit more too. Like hand off to Fournette, throw to Fournette and maybe even let Fournette throw. The volume is in Fournette's favor and anywhere near the goal line it's no question he'll get the ball.



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I am plugging in Ekeler


Clearly Saquon starts


For the 2nd rb slot this week I go Ekeler because its a PPR and I think Ekeler will get at least 14 points , because even if he dont have a great rushing day he catches teh ball so well


Fournette could have 2 tds and 140 yards and get 25 plus point and he can also be a non factor with receptions, Jags fall behind early and he has like 14 carries for 35 yards and like 4 points


so I rather have Ekeler this week, at least he's get double digit points then come week 3 reasses.


I got a strong feeling on it now

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