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Flex and TE help, Team is a mess

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My team:

14 team standard, Yahoo


QB: Matt Ryan

WR: Davante Adams

WR: Michael Thomas

RB: Leonard Fournette

RB: Sony Michel

Flex: Currently Sterling Shepard, but it doesn't look like he'll play

TE: Jordan Reed (or Eric Ebron on WW)

K: (waiver wire pickup)

DEF: Houston

Bench: Freeman, Ronald Jones, Justin Jackson, Golden Tate, Malcolm Brown, A.J. Brown, Rex Burkhead

IR: Henry

Available on WW: Corey Davis, Eric Ebron


So, my team is kind of a mess at the moment. Henry is hurt. I picked up Jordan Reed. Would you prefer him or Ebron?


For the flex spot, I'm at a loss. I could hope Ronald Jones is really taking the TB job and play him on Thursday night. I could gamble on Malcolm Brown or Justin Jackson. Part of me wants to double down on Patriots RBs against the dumpster fire in Miami... I could start both Burkhead and Michel. Or I could pick Corey Davis or A.j. Brown and hope I'm betting on the right Titans receiver. None of these are great options, obviously. What would you do? 

EDIT: It's possible Shepard plays. Would he be the flex play then?

As always, I'll help out in return.

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If Shepard plays, he's your guy. If not I would roll with Malcom Brown. He's going to get all the tough touches near the goal line. NO gave up 83 yards to Carlos Hyde and that awful Houston offensive line. i would play Ebron against the Titans. Njoku had a decent game against them and they'll be looking to shut down Indy's run game. Make Brissett beat them.

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9 minutes ago, cpavlovich said:

Yeah, all the decent options are picked up. 14 team leagues are rough.


I actually have AJ Brown on the Titans and not Hollywood. Does that change your opinion on the flex?

Sorry my mistake, I mean it’s only a flex spot, and you can end up with serious points from most of those guys. Burkhead looked good week 1, I might give him a shot if Sheppard is out. 



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if jordan is playing, i would prob play him. so i guess waiting to see if he gets cleared to play can make the decision for u. 


for flex, malcolm and ronald might be the safest for touches this week. a lot of ppl are high on ronald, and he did legit look good. he could get a good number of carries but maybe im being too positive about him. malcolm u know will get 30% or a bit more touches in a good running offense. good team otherwise

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I think you need to pick up Ebron. I don't believe Reed is going to finish the season and may even retire. As for flex, it's Shepard if he plays, if not I would play Malcom Brown, but it's a crapshoot with any of those guys on your bench. Regardless I think you have a really solid team in standard, you probably lost week one but you should be strong moving forward.

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