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Dak or Rodgers - Kupp or Flash - WHIR

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Dak @ Washington or Rodgers v Minnesota in Lambeau? Rodgers can't play that bad again and Dak probably won't play that good again this week. Dak doesn't play that well on the road and A-a-Ron plays better at home. Kind of tossed here, but leaning Dak. Should be able to pass on the WAS secondary and have room to run.


Kupp @ home vs New Orleans or Flash Gordon in Miami against that awful team. Lots of WR options on both these teams. Leaning Kupp in a potential high scoring game. 


12 team .25 PPR

QB - Dak, Rodgers

WR - Evans, Kupp, Gordon, Crowder, AJ Green

RB - Barkley, Fournette, Carson, Guice

TE - Olsen, Waller

K - Gould

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I think I would play Rodgers and Kupp, it’s quite the toss up though. Rodgers is your stud qb, I know he had a dud on Thursday, but it happens during the thurs night snore fest. Kupp will be in the closer game I think, I don’t know if the Pats will run and dump after getting up big. Not sure either option of Kupp or Gordon is better than the other, should be fine with either.



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