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Dontrelle Inman 2019 Outlook


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Is it crazy that I'm thinking of picking this guy up for this weekend and starting him? 

Obviously not a long term option but Mike Williams hasn't practiced all week and the Chargers are playing Miami.  After last weeks performance, I believe Keenan Allen will be quadruple teamed.  Maybe even the lineman will be guarding him.

Any thoughts on what he might do?  Is he still a decent player?  I don't know anything about him.

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Contemplating picking this guy up and putting him in if TY and Godwin don’t play.

Someone other than Ekeler and Allen have to catch passes. Think he could have a decent game. Anyone know if Xavien Howard plans on shadowing Allen? Obviously he will defend him on the outside, but what about the slot? Did he follow Amari in the slot last week? If he does, could be a nice matchup for Inman. 

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Chargers should control this game. . . if Rivers throws 30 times, maybe 10 to Allen, 5-10 to Ekeler, and then 10 to Inman and whoever else is on the roster.


I think Inman is a sneaky play and could get a lot of looks if the dolphins secondary just tries to focus on Allen. Inman is kinda the only other guy.


If the charger score 4+ touchdowns today (realistic I think) then I would predict at least 1 to Ekeler and 1 to Allen, then the other 2 to either Ekeler/Allen again or Inman.


I can see Inman going for 80 yards and a touchdown on 5 catches.

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The dangerous thing about playing this waiver game vs. the Dolphins is that they’re so bad in every dimension that it can be difficult to predict who is going to score fantasy points against them. The logic for an Inman breakout is strong, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Keenan scores four TDs in the first half and Rivers doesn’t throw the ball in the second half.

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