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9/12/2019 Bucs @ Panthers Game Day Thread


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Just now, ThunderDan said:

Where is this thread on the Evan's panic-meter? Like a 7? Godwin looks like the 1.


Week 1, food poisoning, sure I guess. But unless he got some real, real bad oysters, he cant still be sick

Oh I think we're looking at about a Defcon 2 here. It's sort of fair, Godwin looks like he's definitely overtaken him and it doesn't seem like an overreaction. You have to hope Evans isn't healthy and will be back to 100% soon if you're an owner, but it doesn't even look like that's a factor.

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2 minutes ago, cbsholy said:

I feel so bad for Samuel. Chronically underthrown, it's to the point where its potentially affecting his future earnings now because hes not putting up  numbers when he should be. Had what should have been an easy 75 yard td earlier on the 40 yard catch, and Newton continues to underthrow or flat out miss him 

All year long last year. There’s a video on reddit about it. I can probably find the link lol

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Just now, cbsholy said:

Cam just cannot throw the football. A decent qb with the players that Carolina has at the skill positions should be a top 10 QB no question. I'm fairly confident Andy Dalton would fare better in Carolina at this point. 


If I cant nake a trade this weekend, Dalton will be who I grab

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