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16TL - Thought I drafted a Monster Team - Color Me Concerned

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Every year I play in only one 16 Team League, and thought I put together one of my best teams in over 17 yrs, and now after getting blown out by the Top Performing RB, WR, TE of Week 1 (McCaffrey, Sammy Watkins, Evan Engram), along with a litany of other nonsense, I'm reconsidering how good I thought my team was and now have my doubts... 

Need thoughts on what to do....

Pick 15 of 16 -- start 2RB/3WR/TE/FLEX

___16-T .50 PPR _______

QB: Cam Newton                                                                                  

WR: Tyreek Hill - Josh Gordon - Dede Westbrook DK Metcalf, Terry McLaurin, Deon Cain, TreQuan Smith, Keesean Johnson, Miles Boykin, Demaryius Thomas

RB: Melvin Gordon - Marlon Mack - Kenyan DrakeAdrian Peterson                                                               

TE: Darren Waller                                                                                                                                                    

K: Harrison Butker D Kansas City           


WR: Thought my WRs....

- Tyreek Hill

- Josh Gordon

-Dede Westbrook

....were as solid as you could get in a 16T -- that all changed quickly with Tyreek getting hurt (...and my opponent's Sammy Watkins going off for 50pts!!), AB orchestrating a bull**** move to the Patriots hurting (probably) Josh Gordon's value, and Foles - who was supposed to pepper Dede with a million targets - getting put on IR. Thankfully drafted DK Metcalf, picked up McLaurin before the season, and have many receivers I believe have upside (TreQuan Smith, Deon Cain, Miles Boykin, Keesean Johnson, Demaryius Thomas).

RBs: Difficult to have two solid RB options in a 16T...

- Melvin Gordon ----- (Kenyan Drake/Adrian Peterson)

- Marlon Mack

Had zero intention of drafting Melvin, but as he slipped to the 4th (pick 50), I had to make the move with the hopes he comes to his senses. It's not looking good at the moment - especially with Eckler playing well Week 1, so I'm now stuck with the decision of Kenyan Drake - who I believe would be special IF THEY GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL - and Adrian Peterson - who is playing with something to prove. As for Marlon Mack, he earned 'my guy' status last year for me so I had to have him again this year -- after week 1 performance, he's proven me right so far. Mack Believer here. 

TE: Darren Waller -- targeted and waited to draft him as my only TE with pick 207 -- Monday Night's performance has me excited ROS and validated my thoughts/decision to wait. Top 5 TE

QB: Cam Newton -- another one I had zero intention of targeting, but he fell and was the last bigger named QB available. Plus I owned him the year he won MVP so I took him thinking his weapons were the best he's had in his career. Hasn't looked good, doesn't run, and after two weeks he's yet to have a TD! Seriously considering picking up the Jacksonville kid (he looked good in his NFL debut)

So again, I have my doubts after thinking my team would dominate...


What do you think?

Does this team have a chance at the playoffs or am I just panicking after the Week 1 lose....and the Tyreek injury?


Remember...there will be holes in all 16 Team Leagues -- many teams look ugly on paper 👎

Leave a LINK and I WHIR...

Thanks. Good Luck to all this season.

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I think you have a decent team for a 16 team league, it would be hard to compare without seeing the other teams though. If you can get a few wins in while Tyreek is out I think you can scrap by to the playoffs. 


Who's on your waiver wire in terms of QBs and RBs?

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That's rough, I don't like your QB, or RB situation! You have a lot of WR's. I'd drop a few (keesean now that crabtree around) and pick up some possible RB lottery tickets. Another thing is maybe try and trade Josh Gordon or Tyreek if the price is right for an RB. I wouldn't mind starting Metcalf or McLaurin (I really like McLaurin) and I don't think Melvin plays, but im usually wrong...

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