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Not sure if this is the proper forum for this question, but I am looking for a new site to host my league this season.  I've used cbssports in the past and it's both expensive, has poor customer service, and offers (in my opinion) not great flexibility in terms of scoring/line up options.  Also, we've used weekly lineups in the past, but with all the players sitting out that seems like it doesn't work well any more. However, daily league is probably too much work for a lot of people in my league who don't have time to change lineups that often.  Was hoping to find a league where you could change lineups say each Monday/Thursday or something like that to cut down on missed games but not to require daily lineup adjustments.  Can anyone suggest a site that could accommodate that? Or just a better site than cbs would be nice although i know it's hard to get people to adjust to a new site even if it's free. Thanks for the help.

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