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Jaren Jackson Jr 2019-2020 Outlook

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Again though, this is only in total value. If you built your team knowing Luka’s weaknesses (efficiency, in general) and punted a percentage/TOs his overall was much higher. Points leagues can be

Do you play in a 4 team league? 

This thread has become a circle jerk of "JJJ is a bum" comments.  He's young, it's a long season. Owners are going to have to be patient with him. The upside is there.    As for the com

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13 minutes ago, nir said:

Still that fear... when his shots not falling...


sucks that his defensive stats disappears when he is not fouling and being aggressive..


Agreed, it's frustrating to watch a guy with his physical attributes not reaching his potential on D.  Right now he's incapable of playing consistent lockdown defense without fouling but such is life with young bigs.

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1 minute ago, nir said:

This wasn’t a game where he was in foul trouble though so we can’t blame that. He just got the fouls in 4th.

But he is so frustrating to watch because he has good physical tools but such low basketball IQ

Some of his foul is not necessary

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On 11/16/2019 at 2:39 PM, Cozie said:

Coach Jenkins should design more PNR w/ Ja and JJJ. He gets too happy sitting out there on the perimeter chucking up 3’s, when he should be diving more to the basket or take the pick-n- pop opportunities. 

This. His breakout is going to be so huge once this inevitably occurs.

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Ridiculous comparison. 

The stock potential is still there and it's real. He's going to get better. When you watch these games, he's definitely cognizant of the fouls and he hasn't taken as much chances on the defensive end. As he gets more experience, we will see the stocks return


Guys, if you look at this thread, you'll see that earlier pages were dominated w/ "he's a bum." Now it's "he's Ryan Anderson." Relax fellas. He's going to be fine. His offensive game has picked up and soon his stocks will return. You can't be that athletic and long and think he's going to continue w/ 0 stocks. 


It's not even December. Sheesh.

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7 minutes ago, MilesBridgesBetterThanZion said:



Right now maybe, but there's so much more coming being snuffed by the coaching. 

I am not saying he isn’t a good defensive player. But that his real life defense will be better then his actual stats. Fact so far is that on games where he is not in foul trouble, it is because he isn’t trying to block too many shots or attempt steals or even hustle a rebound. That’s normally when he gets in foul trouble. Sure he can eventually figure out how to do all that without fouling but I just don’t think it will happen this year. 

For now he is kinda of a guy who will give you 3s but if those aren’t landing, he will give you a very dry no rebound no assist steal or block line. I am praying I am wrong though. I needed him to give me a block or 2 tonight sigh...

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