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Jaren Jackson Jr 2019-2020 Outlook

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Again though, this is only in total value. If you built your team knowing Luka’s weaknesses (efficiency, in general) and punted a percentage/TOs his overall was much higher. Points leagues can be

Do you play in a 4 team league? 

This thread has become a circle jerk of "JJJ is a bum" comments.  He's young, it's a long season. Owners are going to have to be patient with him. The upside is there.    As for the com

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2 hours ago, YouSnoozeYouLose said:


lmao. I'm actually pissed at both the ref (for the terrible call.. really?!) and JJJ (Why do you keep getting into these dumb situations?!?) Argghh

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OMG.. what a fool!!

Rubio goes for a clear layup and its already on the back board and he flies in like a monster for no reason and blocks it after it already hits the backboard even though it was obvious he was super late, he then falls down so bad with his knee folding underneath him .. it could've easily ended in a livingston situation. He limped it off a bit and looks fine for now, but what a dumb ******** play..

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Don't look now but he's been a total stud lately.

24 / 6 / 3 and 1 block and 3 3's

And in 5 December games prior to this line:

20 / 4 / 1.6 / .8 / 1.8 blocks and 2.2 3's in just 28 minutes.

If he keeps improving his foul rate and jumps up another 4-5 min, look out.

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He's still committing silly fouls, but it's clear he's got the talent both ways. I think he'll flirt with top-50 numbers rest of the way, where next year is where we really see him take a giant leap into a top-25 player

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That 3rd Q was hilarious.  It's the best example of heat check chucking I've seen in a while.  Jumpshot uglier than Quasimodo in drag, hoisting from 30ft with bankshots so violent that if they hadn't of gone in they would've bounced straight back to him out at the 3pt line.  The entire Memphis team was smiling and laughing every time one went in.


People are trolling calling him Ryan Anderson but he's putting up really similar numbers to another lanky 3pt shooter from days gone by, Rashard Lewis.

Rashard Lewis in Orlando: 16/5/2, 1 steal, 0.5 blocks, 2.6 threes/g, 44% FG (12.8 FGA), 82% FT (3 FTA).

JJJ this season so far: 16.5/5/1.5, 0.5 steal, 1.2 blocks, 2.1 threes/g, 46% FG (13 FGA), 79% FT (3 FTA).


Scary similar almost across the board except for the stocks.

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