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Jaren Jackson Jr 2019-2020 Outlook

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13 minutes ago, MilesBridgesBetterThanZion said:

Almost halfway through the season, Jaren Jackson Jr. has a TS% of .601 and a usage rate of 24% to go along with 1.5 blk/gm and 2.5 threes/gm. The only other player to put up those numbers for a season was Kevin Durant for the Warriors in 2017-18. (btw Jaren is still just 20.)

Thanks. Proves my point.

Aldridge this season: TS% of 58%, Usage rate 23.3% to go along with 1.9 blk/gm

Aldridge last 2 weeks: 2.8 threes/gm

Strikingly similar to JJJ, and if Aldridge is really changing his game to shoot more 3s, then ROS outlook for both JJJ and Aldridge is very similar.

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Again though, this is only in total value. If you built your team knowing Luka’s weaknesses (efficiency, in general) and punted a percentage/TOs his overall was much higher. Points leagues can be

Do you play in a 4 team league? 

This thread has become a circle jerk of "JJJ is a bum" comments.  He's young, it's a long season. Owners are going to have to be patient with him. The upside is there.    As for the com

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10 minutes ago, ellejamil said:

I traded for this guy in 2 separate leagues, one in November and the other just recently. I paid with Marcus Morris on the former and Holmes with the latter 😂

win some lose some lol.  though with the Holmes injury guess you're winning both!

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I saw the matchup today and had a feeling this would happen.  Knicks have a team of goony PF’s that I thought would give JJJ trouble because of their physicality.

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