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Going for AB - WHIR


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I'm currently debating - with myself - if I should go for AB.

The team that holds AB is the weakest in our league and therefore needs everything. AB is the only "shining" spot in his team (besides Kelce maybe).

This is his team:

Cam, Fitztragic
AP, Burkhead, D.Montgomery, Lindsay
AB, Hollywood Brown, Amendola, Fuller, Albert Wilson
Kelce, OJ Howard

My team:

Wentz, Murray
Cook, Carson, Murray, Brown, Mattison
Thomas, Godwin, Samuel, McLaurin, Miller
Waller, Doyle


The trade that we talked a little bit yesterday during the games was

Murray, Murray, McLaurin for Fitztragic, Montgomery, AB


I don't care about Fitz since I can always pick up Brissett or the Jax-Hipster QB.
Montgomery would be more like a potential Flex in later in the year when bye weeks hit and he is hopefully deployed correctly by Nagy
AB would be the main guy here. He would be my second receiver and move Godwin to the Flex spot (or the other way around).



  • a receiving corps with MT, AB Godwin would be the best - by far - in the league
  • AB has - in my eyes - a clear path to being the WR1 if all pieces fall correctly.
  • Murray, Murray, McLaurin are bench players, maybe Flex players if Samuel continues to disappoint, so I won't lose any starter



  • AB could be pulle by the league even if not guilty just because he f''ked with the league integrety by playing the raiders
  • it will maybe take some weeks until he fullfills his whole potential with the pats
  • D-Mont may never be used correctly this year
  • McLaurin seems like a rising star


What is your opinion on this trade? Any other trade constellations you would prefer?

Feel free to post your opinion and a link to a question of yours and I will try to help you with yours, too :)

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Honestly, I would be looking to trade away AB, not trading for him. He's not worth it. All of his personal troubles will come back to bite him in the a**, resulting in a suspension or being put on the commissioner's exempt list. Not to mention AB is a disease in the locker room. In terms of purely football matters, the Pats have so many weapons that there will be times when they all cancel each other out. One day it'll be Gordon, another day it'll be Edelman, another day it'll be AB, another day it'll be a nobody off the practice squad. That's how the Pats operate.

I made the mistake of drafting AB in the 1st when he was still a Raider, and I traded him away immediately to an opponent who was pretty high on him. I couldn't be happier that AB is no longer on my roster.

So, in other words, I would advise against a trade for AB. But if you decide to pull the trigger, at least you're getting David Montgomery, which helps you out.

Good luck! Thanks for mine!

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I think I would do this. AB assuming he plays the full season is a big upgrade to your WR2, Montgomery is a nice piece and you free up a bench spot which is pretty valuable. You aren't really losing anything super valuable or anything you really need except maybe Mclauren. Overall I would do that.



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