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Brees Injury! 2 possible trades! WHIR 100%


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12 team, 0.5 ppr, WHIR

Give: Ridley, Parris Campbell

Get: Brady, Marvin Jones




Give: Edelman, Christian Kirk

Get: Ryan, Marvin Jones


My QB Brees

My WRs OBJ, Ridley, Edelman, Kirk, Hardman, Washington, Campbell


Should I make either of these trades? Will help in Return!

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The difference between Ryan and Brady isn't so big that I'd jump at one over the other.  In my mind, since you're receiving Matt Jones in return and he does little to impress me, I'd hand on to Ridley and give up Edelman for Jones and Ryan.

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4 hours ago, dmb3684 said:

Just stream QBs.

Probably this. Who's available at QB? I'd feel okay with Rivers, Cousins, Stafford, Trubisky, Garoppolo, Allen, or Brissett. Could also take a shot on Minshew, Rudolph, Bridgewater, or D. Jones too. Should be enough available that you can go through a few QB until you find your starter. Note I'd probably hold 2 QB if you have enough bench slots though just to give yourself a better chance at hitting on a QB.

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