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Please help rank these players WHIR

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To me what makes this tough is I think they all have low floors. Their worst case scenarios are unrosterable, and none of them have an assured 30+ minute role except for maybe Huerter, who will be decent but might not be a much better option than Evan Fournier was last year.

They're all decent late-round guys who I pick according to what I need really since they're all pretty much in the same last-2-round tier for me.

If I need a PG I'd go IT4 first, then DSJ, then Schroeder last. Schroeder is for sure on the bottom for me.

If I need a guard/wing I'd draft Huerter, then Jaylen. If I want a big it's Looney.


I think Huerter might be the safest but a recovered IT4, MIP DSJ, and a 29 mpg Kevon Looney would all have higher upside in their best case scenarios. I don't have real strong opinions other than that

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