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Dude's name is "Miles Bridges better than Zion," what other evidence did you need???

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2 minutes ago, deathrazor said:

how serious is the injury? did he come back to play through it and re-injure?

He shot his free throws after the injury. Left the game, sat on bench, left the game again.

My team can’t take anymore of this. Simmons & Embiid are my only survivors from draft day  ... wait. 😐

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Anything shoulder related legit got me traumatized after going thru this crap with Kyrie and Holmes. Hoping he just misses the two remaining games this wk and can come back next wk....that would be a prob best we can hope for at this point 😕 

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14 minutes ago, Tom Chambers said:

Little dog? KOQ? 

There's two questions here: who gets minutes, and who gets the shots. I think the answers are different and it makes the pickup tough. 

Think korkmaz is the add, they need shooters out there. They can play Horford at the 5, Tobias at the 4, and a combo of Jrich/Korkmaz/Shake with Burks/GR3

Shake can provide more across the board stats tho.

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