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7 minutes ago, mas10 said:

I know it’s early in the season but seriously going to put some feelers out to see who wants him in my league. Just can’t have your first rounder out 2nd game in with a “ankle sprain” already. Reminds me of kawhi last hear managing his minutes and games. 

Definitely. I mean that's like a total rule somewhere in fantasy basketball. If your first rounder misses the second game you must trade him immediately. Hurry! 

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Dude's name is "Miles Bridges better than Zion," what other evidence did you need???

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1 minute ago, halbounih said:

He was celebrating after too. He’s definitely getting suspended didn’t show any remorse

The stupid thing about this is that he didn’t land a punch or nothing they both fell to

the floor.

that gesture probably could cost him a game or two extra. 

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14 minutes ago, a-rob said:

I own embiid, but this guy is a jerk. He posts so many things on instagram that are borderline offensive and not trash talking. Can't play a full year, always hurt even during playoffs. WHen NBA players get hurt, their peers pray for them, Can you imagine how many NBA players would actually cheer when Embiid suffers a major injury that so many people feel are going to happen given his long history of major injuries to his back/leg?

Guy needs to grow up, he is not some 19/20 year old kid anymore he is 25. Trash talking is one thing, but the things this guy posts or says to his opponents are sometimes personal and go beyond the normal trash talk that happen in the court.


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For all this trash he talks he sure likes to be a gigantic pussy and take games off. You’re wearing on me embiid. You ruined me last year and now you’re pulling the same crap again. 

Professional athletes should be able to go out there and play 2 hours 2 days in a row. I mean it’s what you do what else are you going to do. Screw this league. 

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8 minutes ago, stay_woke said:


And you wouldn't be upset if your first round pick has missed 4 out of 11 games so far? Seems like I'm not the only one in this thread annoyed with this clown. He's still yet to even play all his games in a week and we're a month into the season.

I’m a Kawhi owner so I can feel that pain, luckily 3-0 to start the season but if I lost any of those matchups... I’d be venting muuuch more 

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