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Dude's name is "Miles Bridges better than Zion," what other evidence did you need???

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19 minutes ago, mas10 said:

Philly future stars have regressed in a bad way this year. Ben and embiid. 

Well they did add Horford. 

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25 minutes ago, flat_eric said:

Shut up Drake

I wish I was Drake. Front row seats every home game. 

Almost forgot, get used to disappointment if you are Sixers fans.

And in a truly Canadian way, if I've offended you in any way: I am sorry

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15 minutes ago, centerfield_ballhawk said:

Depending on the setting, I think that's a decent gamble. 

Thanks! Its 9-cat H2H. I was positively surprised to see that he isnt sitting out B2Bs, and the 6ers aren't exactly world beaters without his help (5th in the East currently). They need him to step it up and I am gambling he does. 

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Just out of curiosity, what is his trade value? I've been shopping him around to see what I could get for him, but it seems like nobody is interested unless its a lowball (like Ingram straight up smh). He's been dialing it up the last few games (except for the scoreless stinker). What gives? I still value him at a borderline 1st rounder.

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