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Dude's name is "Miles Bridges better than Zion," what other evidence did you need???

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I've come to realize this dude talks a big game, but is only motivated against a set of players. Otherwise he doesn't seem as hungry as he made it seem during the preseason by saying he wanted to win MVP and DPOY. None of that has been showing in his game. Hasn't even cracked the top 20 in rankings this year, that's very disappointing with someone of his skillset and size. Clearly a combination of bad coaching and a lack of motivation on his part. 
I also feel it could be that he wants to just preserve his body for the playoffs so he's playing at 75%, combined with lower minutes. His stats are down. 

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11 hours ago, MilesBridgesBetterThanZion said:

Simmons is totally tradeable imo but they won't because the general consensus is he's a superstar, couldn't be further from the truth. Imagine philly with Lowry instead of Simmons Embiid would be top 3 easy. 

Philly needs to bring Jrue and JJ back and move Simmons out. The contract is terrible but he is young enough to fetch a nice return

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1 hour ago, justaguy said:

Man, lost Book and lou will to nagging injuries. Then I saw the Embiid news smh. My opponent this week is lucky as hell.

Upper respiratory illness ... is that code for load management ?

no that’s code for he is a wuss that sits at any given chance he gets 

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Is anyone else getting sick of all these B2Bs? This is their 6th week in a row with a B2B and they somehow have one next week too. Whoever is in charge of scheduling for the nba is doing a terrible job, how in a week where a team plays only 3 games they have a B2B? That just makes no sense

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