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Trade help asap. WHIR

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Need to decide on this trade asap.

Lost Brees.

Should I trade Cooks and Hock 


E. Sanders, Waller and Baker Mayfield?


Other option is to stay as is and get Josh Allen from waivers.

Current Wars are D Adams, Cooks, T Hill (injured) and D. Moore.



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It’s enticing, but I’d stick with what you’ve got.  

Cooks’ track record promises big days ahead and while Waller is good (I got him) Hock might be magical  

Grab Allen and live the magic of streaming QB til you find a gem! It just might be Allen!

you will survive. Don’t feed the sharks  


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24 minutes ago, slimswol said:

What about Boyd in return instead of Sanders?


Chance I won't get Allen w the #4 waiver.

What other qbs  are available? Can you wait to see if you get Allen, because I like Allen better than mayfield especially for this week. 


If you don’t get Allen it isn’t the worst trade Waller is a good te and will likely be more consistent than hockenson.


sanders and boyd are both solid wr 2s 


I have not been impressed with baker mayfield this season though which is the only downer to this trade I wish a better qb was involved.



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Think I'll stay and keep my WR depth. Even if I don't get Allen I can stream Winston this week against the Giants.


It comes down to Waller for Hock is a wash. T. Boyd for Cooks is Reduction in my WR2 (WR3 when Hill gets back).

Getting Mayfield is nice but his schedule sucks during the weeks Brees is injured.

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