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Why Do People Veto Trades?

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Not trying to start a flame war.  I am really trying to understand the psychology of why people always ask if a trade should be vetoed or not.

If you have the opinion that a trade should be vetoed if YOU deem it unfair, can you please explain why to me? I genuinely want to understand.

If you share my opinion that trades should only be vetoed in obvious instances of collusion, I don't need to hear from you lol, you're not my target audience here.

Should a trade not be between the two players making it? Why do you feel the need to deem a trade as fair in your eyes in order for it to go through?

Vetoes shouldn't be used unless you have serious reason or proof to believe two teams are cheating to stack one team ( for example, if the two owners are husband and wife and it is blatantly obvious what they're doing by giving up a top 5 rb for a 25th ranked wr or something similar). You shouldn't even consider vetoing a trade of Mark Andrews for Aaron Rodgers (just an example I recently seen).  Like why even ask about that? Of course that's not collusion.

I honestly think the majority of the time people veto trades because they are jealous that they didn't get one of the players involved in the trade at the same price.





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