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stand pat or offer trade? WHIR

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I love trading, enjoy that part of the game.  That being said, curious on thoughts of me just sitting tight for a week, or offering the following trade.  Individual I'm trading with has D. Henry and P. Barber as starting RBs with Shady out.  Already traded once with him this year, gave him E. Engram, DeDe and AB for Julio, Sutton and a 3rd round pick next year (keeper league).  My team is in my sig, .5 PPR 10 team.  

I Give:  Chubb/Mike Williams

I Get:  Michael Thomas, John Ross


Thoughts on offering that or just sticking with my team?  

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Disclaimer: also on mobile so I can’t see your sig.

Overall I don’t love this trade but I’m not as down on it as the others. I would at very least stand pat for a week and see how Thomas does, I think Bridgewater is a solid QB2 and has been on the team a while now. As for Ross, who I also have, A.J. green is coming back soon and will have an effect on Rosses value ROS.

But a similar argument can be made of Chubb. Chubbs your best RB atm but this is a keeper league so Kareem Hunt coming back from suspension will put a cap on Chubbs production at not only a crucial time this season but also in the long term (barring a trade or other off field BS)

EDIT: Just hopped on my laptop and realized you have Zeke.  This makes the trade a little more palatable. I'd still see if you could get a decent RB2/3 in place of Ross OR sell high on Godwin and land a solid RB2 with RB1 potential

Help on mine?


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So my other RBs are:  

Zeke, Carson, Jacobs and Mostert.  Hoping to pick up Darwin off waivers in case he is the lead back Sunday.  So, not horrible depth.  I may be paying too much for Thomas though...especially with Kitchens saying he wants Chubb to get more touches...


My WRs are:

Julio, Mike Williams, Josh Gordon, Godwin, Sutton

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