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trade rodgers + barber for singletary + mccoy? WHIR

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my "backup" qb is kyler murray and i'll be starting him the whole way anyway

potential trade partner just lost brees and is starting stafford until brees comes back

i'm about to offer this trade and just want to run it by you guys, the trade analyzer says it is very good for me...

i offer aaron rodgers and payton barber (or malcolm brown) for devin singletary and lesean mccoy

hes only 2 startable rb's deep so that's the best i could ask for, im set at WR and need some RB depth for byes and in case of injury

i have darwin thompson and frank gore on my bench, so i would more or less have the bills and chiefs backfields on lock...



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i very rarely mess with trades because it seems like a waste of time


i think the timing of the trade offer is perfect here, singletary missed practice, mccoy did as well, peyton appears to be the lead back (hes probably not and even if he is they cant run for sht) and the dude is about to have stafford as his starter until brees gets healthy which could be A WHILE


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