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Kemba Walker 2019-2020 Outlook

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I panicked and traded Kemba for Derrick Rose. Good luck to you guys. 

I would disagree with being in a better situation fantasy wise.  Better real life.  But way worse fantasy wise.  Hornets were the absolute best situation for Kemba, being surrounded by absolutely no o

Just stopping by to give this dude some props. Another 30 point game and a real nice overall line. Can't believe anyone was worried about this dude...been ballin for years. Just puts up numbers and do

That looks BAD.

But we won't know how bad it actually is until tests/MRIs/X-rays are done. It could range from a stinger to something broken, no one knows for now.

If you're looking for a pickup I'd say Wanamaker but it looks like Smart/Brown/Tatum all get a boost as they'll be relied more on offense.

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Wanamaker for 1 or 2 games is the play here.

We're lucky with the schedule being thanksgiving week.  There will be a lot of full rostered days where we can leave Kemba on the bench, assuming he stays DTD and not assigned as O.

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59 minutes ago, HK-47 said:

Good follow for some insight on injuries, if anyone cares to take a look. We now know why he was taken off on a stretcher and or why the medical teams followed a certain procedure. Glad to see Kemba is back so soon.




Wait... hold on! He had numbness in his hands, and somehow the report is only a neck sprain?  I hope it's true, but it doesn't make sense and is worrying that the tema is hiding something?  Then again, I ain't no doctor, so what the hell do I know?


On a side note, I streamed in Wanamaker, and what a dud!!

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