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Better keeper - Olson or Soroka?

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20 minutes ago, shotput3000 said:

In my keep forever league, I have a choice between keeping Matt Olson at a 19th round value or Mike Soroka at a 23rd round value.  Not much different in the round tax but what do you guys think moving forward about who is the better keeper?

That's a toughy.. I guess it all depends on what the rest of your team looks like. Without knowing anything else, I would actually keep Sororka. Bit younger, ceiling is a bit higher, and Olson could be a victim of the "juiced ball" season with his career highs in HR and RBI. If the MLB changes the ball back, I would assume a 25/80 year out of Olson, where Sororka can only get better, and he is already studly. 

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