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WHIR - Big Trade Offer HELP!

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0.5 PPR - 10 team, 3 keeper league.

Please leave a link!

Give up David Montgomery + AJ Green + Jacoby Brisett for David Johnson + Demarcus Robinson + Drew Brees
* Would throw Brees on IR and add Sam Darnold to replace Brissett.

QB - Carson Wentz
QB - Jameis Winston
RB - Ezekiel Elliott
RB - Le'Veon Bell
WR - Michael Thomas
WR - Keenan Allen
WR - DK Metcalf
TE - Travis Kelce
Flex - David Montgomery

BN - Josh Gordon
BN - AJ Green
BN - Phillip Lindsay
BN - Carlos Hyde
BN - Jacoby Brissett

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It is decent, however the D. Robinson part is my question mark. The Brees and Brisett trade off looks nice, but you will probably not use either given Wentz stays healthy. I think that, right now, D. Johnson is better than Montgomery, but I think that will even out as the season goes on and the Bears start trusting the rookie. but AJ Green will come back and ball as a WR1. D Robinson had A game, one. He could boom or be a WR3/4 any given week.  That is just my opinion. I would probably sit tight.

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Yea I think I would do this trade. You get the better RB and you know the Saints will need Brees to ball out when he returns to keep their playoff hopes alive. I rather have Green than Robinson long term but I think overall you'd be slightly better with this trade for the long haul.

Please help with mine 


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