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Looking for dynasty start up

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Hey mate, 


Here’s my league details join if interested (note it’s on Fantrax not espn but still welcome!:


League settings: Fantrax Dynasty auction draft, head to head standard 9 category league. 22 player roster with 10 active, 12 bench and 2 IR. First year draft with 7 teams signed up already, aiming for 14.


7 in the league so far are mates who have played together for 9 years in a redraft league. Reliable, competitive managers. 


League dues are USD$50 with one year held in advance for the following season, modest for all the features this league will offer, including; initial auction draft, yearly rookie drafts, salary cap, contracts and much more!


League Constitution link that lists the in-depth rules of the league here; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HBso55X7ytBE_rW2_hzoaWBEPryQnGCz . You can get the basic idea of the league via the Constitution and get in touch with more questions if need be


To join go to https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/nba/join and  enter vqry2f39k0huhzao as the league ID and Sda2019! as the password

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I have a keeper league which is entering year 3 and is free on ESPN. I know you wanted a startup but you may like one of the teams below:

We need to replace 5 owners from last year's basketball league. This will be the 3rd season of this keeper league and we will utilize an auction draft with the option to keep up to 6 players. If you won't be active, don't join. Inactive owners will be dropped.

The $215 budget auction draft is scheduled for 10/21/19 at 10 PM ET.

Teams will be allowed to keep up to 6 keepers, and each player's value will have $3 premium added in order to keep them. The initial value will be the 2019 draft value. If the player was a FA pickup, the initial value will = $0. The initial value will be determined how you initially acquire a player (ex: draft, trade, FA). If you draft a player, drop him, and pick him up again, the initial value will still be the draft value. If you trade for a player, the initial value will be the draft value as well.


Team A drafts a player for $10 and keeps him for next season. The player will cost $13 to keep in 2020, and that amount will be subtracted from the starting draft budget in 2020).

Team A drafts a player for $10, drop him after 1 month then picks him up again. The player will cost $13 to keep in 2020.

Team A drafts a player for $10, and trades him to Team B. The player will cost Team B $13 to keep in 2020.

Team A drafts a player for $10, and drops him. Team B then picks up the player. The player will cost Team B $0 + $3 to keep in 2020.

Available Teams:






This is the previous draft results which will help you determine the starting value for keepers: https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/draftrecap?leagueId=66708776

Let me know your email address and which team you want to take over so I can invite you.

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