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Would you veto this trade? PPR league


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24 minutes ago, dsrich said:

You mean the guy who lost Barkley is looking for some RB help?

By getting a running back that he/she doesn't know (Gordon) when is coming back. So he would have two running backs on his/her bench that they can't use for probably another month. And getting two running backs that they could use most likely better than anything on the waiver wire.


Yeah veto that. 










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Wouldn’t veto. I’ve seem guys all up in arms about trades and the perceived  “losing side” ends up winning big time over the course of the season. 


That said, I wouldn’t trade Waller unless I had an RB2 coming back. Breida and White have like 3 other RBs on each of their rosters . 

I’d do a 1 for 1 deal, Waller for someone else. (Kerryon, A. jones,,  etc)


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Waller will be a top 10 TE this year or higher Gordon supposed to be back between weeks 6-8 

Brieda will be splitting work with coleman in week 5 after the bye and brieda has fumbling issues 

When dont know if white will play this week due to the birth of his child but you still have 2 other RBs on the team that billechick uses all the time 



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