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14 team league, 0.5 PPR 

My current team:


QB: Tom Brady

WR: Mike Evans

WR: Stefon Diggs

RB: David Montgomery

RB: Josh Jacobs

TE: Mark Andrews

Flex: Emmanuel Sanders 

Bench: James White, AJ Green, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Barber, Delanie Walker


THE OFFER: JuJu and Bradin Cooks for Mike Evans. Do I accept or reject? 

*I'm on the fence with this. Diggs and Sanders killed me this past weekend.

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Personally, I hate drafting Evans because he is so hot/cold based on how his team is doing. Thats a lot of value you'd secure at WR. If your league actually trades, I would then try to trade for a RB. With getting two more WRs, you also have the option to run them based on matchup



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I think JuJu and Cooks are upgrades over Diggs (he'll have big games, but inconsistently).

You would probably be relying on JuJu and Cooks as starters, Diggs on bench (or playing a matchup).  It does give you some depth, but until Green is back you're running w/out a true number 1 at WR.

That said.. Evans can be hot and cold.  Diggs can be hot and cold.  So do you feel more comfortable from week to week running evans/diggs or juju/cooks?

I would want to look at Evans' match-ups going forward (I haven't).  If they look pretty good over long haul, I'd lean slightly away from the deal.  Otherwise, I'd probably go with it.



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