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Trade Lindsay or Fournette for Brown, WHIR

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Alright, as the title says, I need a WR in my life, and I got a stash of RB for depth. For background, I am trading with the guy in last place.

See below for team, will definitely help in return. Just need some thoughts before I fire away


14 Team, PPR, Only 3 Bench Players

QB D Jones

WR J Ross III, W Fuller

RB C McCaffrey, L Fournette

TE Z Ertz

Flex P Lindsay

Bench W Gallman, M Sanders, C Ridley

IR A Green

K H Butker


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1 hour ago, thegoodback said:

can't you get someone for gallman (maybe the saquon owner?) or sanders ?


awkward situation, facing the barkley owner this week. he also has AB. I want to stomp him out before giving him any trades.

I got offered John Brown for Miles Sanders

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Thanks on mine, sorry for the delay in responding, just got out of work. 


I dont buy Marquise being very consistent this season, you do need the WR though, I’d do Sanders for 1 of the Browns(John-1 or Marquese-2). I would hope you could get more for more established RBs like Fournette or Lindsay, something in the WR2 range like Godwin, Golladay, Thielen type 

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