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Dynasty trade thoughts, WHIR

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12tm, PPR, dynasty with player contracts(210mil salary cap). I have 21m available. Because we are using contracts roster space is unlimited. Because of this, the waiver wire is pretty empty with most players signed for this season at the 500k minimum. Anybody signed in season is only available on a 1yr deal(they are a free agent in the off season). Offseason is free agent auction followed by rookie draft(standard, non-snake, 5 rounds). This year is the start up year, so the players who got drafted are all signed through multi year deals so I expect the first couple off-seasons to be pretty uneventful as far as waivers/free agents. So on to the question:


i give up CJ Prosise(1yr, 500k) and my 2020 first round pick(my team is cruising so far, most likely late first) 

I get Tyler Lockett(4yrs, 14.2mil) 

Seems like a no brainer to take the trade but it’s almost too good to be true, am I missing something? Other team only has 2m of cap space so it seems like a salary dump of sorts

My team(the important guys, I have a bunch of backup QBs and other guys on 1 year deals, they are not listed):

Q:Jared Goff

R1: McCaffery

R2: Cook

W1: Godwin

W2: Kupp

W3: Fitzgerald

T: Fant

R/W/T: Brieda

Q/R/W/T: Brissett

IR: Njoku 

Critical Bench: Minshew, Grier, Mattison, Ty Montgomery, Ty Johnson, Penny, Obungwale, Zenner, Chark, Cobb, KeeSean Johnson, Goedert

Also: I can drop retired players free and clear, no penalty but I am stuck eating the salary on Luck(5yrs, 12.5m- hoping for a comeback at some point) and AB(3yrs, 19.9m - can’t really do anything until he actually retires)


Thank you. Sorry for the long post, leave your links

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Win now, this trade would lock up your team for a winning year with your strength at RB. Weird league rules tho. This guy is betting on Prosise being the starter going forward in SEA because of Carson's issues. Im not convinced. Lockett is a strong enough player in targets to win you the ship this year. Figure out your dynasty later in the season



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