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Hassan Whiteside 2019-2020 Outlook

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3 minutes ago, RedDogNamedClippers said:

Revenge game? They’ve Already played and lost.

every game vs his old team is a revenge game. dude seems like he holds grudges ha

did go 21/18 2 blk on 75% 100%

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I am high on him this season (probably higher than most). Frankly there is a lot to like if you are an optimist. He has bounce back written all over him.  1) They are going to ride this dude into

Anomaly? I beg to differ sir. All the numbers he is putting up this year are not out of the ordinary for whiteside. He has averaged more points and rebounds in 2017, more blks in 2016. More efficient

On 2/7/2020 at 9:03 PM, Trench Mob said:

He was gonna drop a dud against Utah anyway. Best to get some rest.

Don't know about that. I remember when I had him last year, he had a Monster game vs Gobert. Gobert's defense is a tad overrated. He just surrendered a 30/20/10 game to Jokic. This was also despite the fact that Gobert and the Jazz were rested, fresh and at home. While the nuggets were on the road, back end of a b2b, and woefully short handed. 

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Just now, Illuminati said:


won't matter given his minute limit and he probably won't play b2bs

I hope so, Whiteside is my anchor on the rebs/blks department, I'm just a bit wary on the impact on Whiteside's playing time especially since a week after Nurkic's return is our h2h playoff. 

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54 minutes ago, dragonballz said:

With a possibility of a multi-month delay, Nurkic will have more time to get ready to play. I'd imagine it could be a nightmarish timeshare for Whiteside owners like me...

possible but i wouldnt worry too much. maybe whitside upside isnt there in 25 min but think he still gets his in 25 min. before this year he was a per min monster

basically 14/11 2 blks in 24 min last 2 years. not 16/14 3 blks but still very helpful. and who knows how they handle nurk or if he plays b2b ect

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