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Jonathan Isaac 2019-2020 Outlook

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1 hour ago, mmart_ph said:

I like your optimism and I pray that its true but why would they need an MRI and the blurb said multiple games.

I hate this year! I have Ayton, Bagley, Isaac and Lamb! Just end it already! 

Losts of guys get MRIs and it turns out to be minor.

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I think there's two main reasons for this. 1) Vooch is above and beyond the Magic's best player. Having him on the floor takes a lot of pressure off of everybody else. Both defensive pressure/att

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6 minutes ago, FantasyBallFan said:


He participated in the non contact portion of practice so I wouldn’t call that a full go

That is true. He is still experiencing some soreness. I think the magic is just being cautious. 


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59 minutes ago, MuscleChestbrook said:

Lets gooo. Gave up Sabonis and Smart to hop on this train!


Welcome aboard!

I will say though, he won't be top 20 for the year. Those blocks will probably regress. I think his floor is top 40.

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Jonathan Isaac (ankle) is available vs. Toronto on Wednesday.

He's been expected to play all day and he is going to have to guard Pascal Siakam in this one. Isaac sprained his ankle last week and missed two games, so fortunately this issue won't keep him out too long unlike previous ankle sprains. Get him in your lineup.

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5 minutes ago, QingJames said:

On ESPN fantasy league, and watching the game - can anyone on Yahoo confirm they took away that second steal he had? They had given the one he stole before he got fouled by Gasol but now it’s back down to 1???


 They moved the steal to a block on ESPN. They put down his second block as a steal initially. 

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