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OBJ for Chubb.. WHIR


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2 hours ago, fillysfinest said:

Standard scoring 10 man league

Team is


DJ, Fournette, D. Freeman, Gallman, Coleman

OBJ, Golladay, Dede, A. Robinson, Ridley


Got offered Chubb and Fuller for OBJ.

I have the option to get Chubb which I like. I could work on packaging a RB away with this deal

I would take it - RBs are gold and the more good ones, the better.  Plus I think OBJ's ceiling might be capped this year cuz Baker looks like trash.




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Man, that's tough. I don't like making trades that necessitate making another trade, cause there's always the chance that people freeze you out when they realize you're WR needy. And you'd really need to make another trade, you don't want Freeman rotting on your bench not collecting any value.


But on the other hand Chubb is probably a top 5 RB ros, and you can always find 'serviceable' WRs on the waiver wire.


Tough decision. When I'm 50/50 on a trade, I lean towards not making that trade. Less regret if things don't go in your favor that way lol

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