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Trade Request- Devonte Freeman for D Waller?


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Freeman been kind of a bust so far but the trade has me interested.. I really dont need Freeman, but at the moment I have a hard time starting Waller even in the flex with my current team ( maybe I should trust him more because his numbers have been solid so far). My team is posted below for those who cant see my sig..

I told him I would think about it and he mentioned he would also to do Woods/Freeman/Ebron for Waller/Diggs.. Im still not thrilled, what you think before I decline.. Currently Im content leaving Waller on bench or flex..


10 Team 1pt PPR

QB-  Carson Wentz

RB-  DJ  /  Chubb  /  McCoy  /  Mattison  /  Edmonds /  C Thompson  

WR-  Diggs /  Godwin  /  Lockett  / Gordon  /  Golladay  /  Green / D Robinson

TE-  Kelce  /  Waller

D-  Stream

K-  Stream

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I would sit tight. You wouldn't start Freeman so you would be giving away a top 5 TE for free.

Keep Waller as he is a target monster or aim higher in a deal.

You are just making his team better by doing this deal and nothing for you. 

There is always depth in a 10 team league so keep working the WW for any gaps. 

Thanks for your help with mine. 

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