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Derrick Favors 2019-2020 Outlook

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6 hours ago, WhatIsThisWizardry said:

I did, i chose to let him rot on the wire lol. in fact, hes still on the wire lol

nice 2 pt 5board game to follow up ur snidy remark about 2020 LMFAo get some.  was off for a few weeks and conditioning already got to him lol

I think the point you missed is that the 2020 game is probably gonna be his best performance of the year. 

ppl dont have to play C to eat away at his usage shots and rebounds (zion will take all 3 and jaxon hayes too LMFAO). and hwos that 2 pt 5 board game treating you? he'll get to 2020 eventually maybe after the week lmfao. 

My centers/core is fine. missed out on him? i don't think so. he was good last year in limited mins, but he only had d mitch. this year he has ball ingram jrue and zion.... sooo u do the math?

You sound like a teenage girl. Foh here with your wack self. We'll laugh at you once his minutes restrictions are off and he's got a few games under his belt. 


Dude is clearly not winning anything lol. Judging a man's ROS based on a 20 min restricted game coming back from injury. Genius 😂

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^^ 😂😂 SMH. This is why you don't trust people who don't provide actual facts on this forum, people. Wonder how many noobs listened to this dude and did not grab Favors. 

Lmao. This dude. Honestly. 

19 minutes ago, RafiBomb said:

People seriously complaining about 7 points 9 rebounds and 3 blocks in a limited 20 minutes? lmao

3 assists as well. 

Don’t  listen to the noise. Dude can put up big numbers in this offense. He’s healthy. Give him a few games to get his lungs back 

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Well Schroeder is one of those guys that looks good but isn't really.  But right now he's shooting very well, so it's looking good.  But when he fades it's annoying because you hope he'll get better again.  But right now he's rosterable.  Ingles is playing a lot better, and hopefully he'll keep it going after Conley gets healthy (again).  Coach kept him in the starting lineup for at least this one game.  It's the smart thing to do really.  They need him to play well.  Favors is not the same type of player, so it's hard to say take him over Schroeder or Ingles right (depends on what your team needs)?  He should be better than Schroeder ranking wise but strange things have happened.  Also if they can somehow trade CP3 then it'd be great for him. 

Ingles has been so consistent over his career there's no reason the Jazz don't utilize him correctly.  The move to the bench seems logical on paper, but it seems like it damaged his confidence and/or he can't gel with the bench guys.  Putting him in the starting lineup would make sense as they can just stagger him and Conley to keep the second unit flowing. 

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39 minutes ago, JormaJormala said:

I think they are going to keep him at 20 minutes ROS. No reason to build up his minutes. Zion coming back and developing Hayes is priority.


Let me guess, you gave up on him too soon and now are hoping they keep him at 20 minutes.

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Guessed wrong.

I did not pick him up from the waivers when he was out and did not get the chance later as we have one of the toughest leagues in Europe to play in and you just don't get second chances here (as most leagues on this board seem to be cakewalks).

So yes, I'm hoping him to bomb to keep the other owner from gaining. My bet on Kevon Looney turned out to be **** too...

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