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Derrick Favors 2019-2020 Outlook

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Dude almost singlehandedly dragged the Pels back from a 22-pt deficit. Really dominated in the 4th with his defense, pnrs, and rebounding. Looking awesome IRL and great in fantasy, too: 15 pts (7/11), 14 boards, 4 blocks


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^^ 😂😂 SMH. This is why you don't trust people who don't provide actual facts on this forum, people. Wonder how many noobs listened to this dude and did not grab Favors. 

Lmao. This dude. Honestly. 

9 minutes ago, GrandPa said:

Davis in the end match say:thx for match,you strong mthf***er))


Yeah, Favors got a nice block on him too. Davis had been ready to just chill the rest of the game but Vogel made him come back in haha

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2 hours ago, izebyk said:

So glad I scooped him up after being dropped by a frustrated manager early in the season 

I picked him up on impulse after the Siakam injury. Now, if Siakam does cone back around the end of the month, then that injury could turn up to be a blessing in disguise. 

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