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Derrick Favors 2019-2020 Outlook


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So glad I picked this guy up after dropping him early on.  As someone who hasn't watched him at all the last couple years, I wasn't expecting much after watching him early in the season.  Glad to see him prove me horribly wrong with my assessment.  Guessing he was still recovering from the injury and getting used to the speed of the team, but it looks like he's all caught up now.

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8 minutes ago, deathrazor said:

Does he offer top 40-50 upside with the Pels playing style?


That's optimistic, but along the lines of why I drafted him and why several experts hyped him up (along with him being at his natural position)

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Interestingly, none of the young guns, including the Laker trio played in this game, Zion, Ingram, Lonzo, Hart, Jah.


Nothing against them, but I gotta remember, even the Pelican fans were throwing all the vets under the bus, washed up, trade them, need to be benched, and yet the vets got the job done against a top team in the Clips, no Kawhi, but with PG.


That's what influenced me to drop him more than anything, glad I picked him back up.

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Should have 2 blocks, he spiked floaters from both harrell and lou will. 

His 3 pointer wasnt a desperation heave either, was a step back off a set play in Harrell’s face IIRC.

Loving the overall outlook, but am a little concerned since the Pels have 4 rotation guys out (Ball, Zion, Ingram and Hart) who get after boards and will inevitably take some usage away / clog or want the paint for themselves.

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