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I want Kamara but...too much?

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Hey all. Quick and easy. 1 PPR league. I'm looking to upgrade at RB and have an offer on my table for Kamara. I send Ingram, Keenan, Kupp for Kamara, Larry Fitz, Emmanual Sanders. Seems steep but I'm full at WR and feel I can sell high'ish on Ingram? Am I overpaying?

Here's my current team which is deep at WR. I've been going Ingram and Montgomery and then 3 wide with Keenan, Julio, Kupp. 


RBs: Ingram, Montgomery, Freeman

WRs: Keenan, Kupp, Julio, Watkins, McLaurin



RBs: Kamara, Montgomery, Freeman

WRs: Julio, Watkins, McLaurin, Larry, Emmanual


WHIR 100% Thanks!

- Brody


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Man, that’s tough. Keenan and Kupp look fantastic right now especially for ppr but Kamara is absolutely elite. I don’t think it’s a huge step down from those guys to Larry but you gotta hope his old man body can hold up. Sanders I’m less sold on because of Denver’s crap offense. I don’t hate the trade but I don’t think I’d do it.

I would see if you can do the deal without giving up keenan AND Kupp but one or the other, that way you still have an elite WR2 and only have to stream that third spot. 

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I would counter and instead of Kupp offer McLaurin. Keenan is the top WR in PPR so far this year so him in the deal with Ingram and McLaurin should be eniugh for Kamara, Fitz, and Sanders. You are giving all upside high ceiling players for a 36 year old WR and Emmanuel Sanders who is often knicked up in a bad offense. 

Help please:


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