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Trade help.. WHIR 100%

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36 minutes ago, IcemanIL said:

Roto, 12 teams, redraft, 8 cat


My Hield and Mitchell Robinson

His PG13



In a vacuum, I would do it, as I'm comfortable with not having PG to start the year. 

Depends on your team though, especially if you need MitchRobs FG/Blks.

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It works out for the George side, even if he plays 60-65 games. What you're removing from your roster is a 10 pt - 8 reb - 2+ blk guy, and all you're gaining are steals and a little FT%. So if you can find a banger on the wire who gets 10-8 without undoing progress in FT% (I'm assuming 2 blks is a lot to ask of the FA wire) you should be in great shape. Obviously you're probably not looking for that exact mix, but just trying to articulate what the amount of value you need to find on the wire to make the trade a great one for you.


Help me pls 


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For the record I traded Hield, MitchRob and Mikal Bridges for John Collins, T Bryant and B Clarke.


One guy said I was crazy for trading Mitch. People imo are WAY too high on him. NY staff is not fantasy friendly and Randle/Portis will definitely cut into his mins/production.


I also agree on Hield...he is what he is and no improvement over last year imo.

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If it was H2H I think it's clearly PG13. Roto makes it harder. I'd probably still say do it, but you'd have to hope that George doesn't get the load management treatment on his return.

Help with mine?


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