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Stephen Curry 2019-2020 Outlook

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Amen. People forget that for ~20 years prior to the juggernaut squad, we were one of the worst franchises in all of sports. "HoW ArE wArRiOrS faNs GoNnA hAnDlE loSiNg" MFer, I sat throu

He blew a 3-1 return date.........get it....

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8 hours ago, Febonacci said:

I'm in a 12 team.


Just made a bunch of trades.


Drummond for Lillard

Collins for Isaac

Trae for Lavine and Kyrie

Ayton and Galinari for Curry when he first got injured.


Just praying I get Kyrie and Curry after ASB.


Assuming u drafted harden 1st that means you got drumm/trae at 24/25 and somehow drafted ayton and Collins around 48/49

thats some taco league nonsense 

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1 hour ago, MuscleChestbrook said:

Just picked him up in my non-IR league. Let's gooooo




Good sign that he is allowed to shoot now.  Since it was a more complex break, even tho it is his non-shooting hand I think they are still going to play it safe with him so we won't see him this month.

But if they stick to reevaluating him in February before allowing him to play, I would think he would start playing not long after being cleared - around 25-30 games.  I think that is worth it to stash if he is available (in my Roto league he is not).

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2 minutes ago, simon said:

Curry owners, what offers would you accept at this point?

Ha, if you're trying to buy now, its probably too late. If someone held him for this long, they have been anticipating his return.

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On 12/30/2019 at 2:16 PM, flat_eric said:


Good to see the cast has been removed and it appears like the injured left hand has some reasonable movement. I've picked him up in my competitive no IR league. Sitting fairly comfortably on 6-1-3 so worth a gamble.


Yep, this is in line with metacarpal fracture recovery. He had surgery Nov 1. 6+ weeks later (~mid-Dec), cast/brace doesn't have to be worn full-time (what we're seeing in that video). 3 months later (~Feb 1), no activity restrictions, and strengthening begins. That's probably why he's projected to return mid-Feb, where it's estimated he'll have had a couple weeks of strengthening and practicing with his hand again (source).

He appears exactly on track, it's not his shooting hand, and I don't imagine he'll be limited from a conditioning standpoint (although he will be limited to ~27 mpg for strategic purposes). Barring a setback, BBM's projection of 2/8 actually seems about right, maybe a week or two later if anything. Could be awesome for those to have him for the final few weeks of the fantasy seasons + playoffs

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5 hours ago, simon said:

Nah, im confident i can get him. Just wanted to know what’s a fair offer at this point.


Some of it depends on how that team's doing, their statistical needs, and your league's IR settings. But for me...

I'm scrolling down player rankings. Lowest-ranked I'd probably entertain is Morant. I'd also entertain JRich, Washington (if I didn't own him), WCJ, Montrezl, Bledsoe. If offered Hield or SGA, it's an instant accept

In my case, I'm floating b/t 1st/2nd place, I have 2 IR spots, and I don't really need a trade. I've been a bit shitted on with Isaac's recovery timeline news, but Curry's return is only 5-6 weeks away (my guess), and I'm thinking of playoffs. So I'd probably need to be won over if you're trying to get Curry


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1 hour ago, MuscleChestbrook said:

Picking Curry up off the waivers in a nonIR league is the only thing that can make up for losing Isaac for me 😪


Same here bro! But I'm lucky cause I do have an IR spot. I know that feeling though...

 Where I come from, we use to "throw down all the Virgin Marys and Saints" when something bad happens, and that's exactly what I did yesterday.

Let's hope this already resumed shooting Steph can bring some goodies on our playoffs table

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