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Huge trade advice, possibly looking to blow up my team and gamble big time.... WHIR fo sho!

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I'll post my team below for reference. I'm somehow 3-1 and second in my league but I'm real worried about my team. This is a cut throat die hard league and the waiver wire is barren and theres nothing of value. Even most handcuffs are gobbled up on benches. My team took a huge hit when the Pat's cut Antonio Brown and I'm worried that I'm not championship material as is and 1 more injury to my core is gonna devastate me.


The guy I wanna propose with is 0-4 and is in need of a major overhaul. He drafted saquon but hes hurt and wont help at all. Dude cant afford another loss. Here's the trade I am contemplating 


I give up - Christian McCaffery, Duke Johnson, Miles Sanders, Preston Williams 


I get - Saquon Barkley, Leonard Fournette, Devonta Freeman, Mike Williams



My team 

QB - Lamar Jackson


RB2 - Miles Sanders 

WR1 - T.Y. Hilton

WR2- Adam Theilan 

TE - Darren Waller

Flex - Duke Johnson 

Bench- Antonio Brown

Bench - Preston Williams 

Bench - TJ Hockensen

Bench - Matt Ryan

Bench - Latavius Murray

Bench - Jaylen Samuels 



Having miles Sanders as a RB2 and Duke as a flex is terrible. If it wasnt for CMC, Lamar, Waller, and Hilton I'd be 0-4 myself.... cant believe I'm thinking of trading the best RB in fantasy but if I can weather the storm I like the idea of having Saquon as RB1, Fournette as RB2, and Feeeman as Flex. Massive upgrade over what I got but I gotta hope I dont start losing a bunch waiting for Saquon. 



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I wouldn't make that trade. Saquon is already injured and Fournette is just as risky rostering as anyone else from an injury perspective.

Keep CMC. The trade is extremely risky and could end your season.


Any help with mine?



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