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Link to League: https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league?leagueId=411647


I'm looking for two experienced (Active/Competitive) owners that would be willing to join this free ESPN fantasy basketball league. I have yet to schedule a draft date, as I'm trying to fill the last two spots of this league first, before I actually set a date that will work for all owners in league. We have a really good thing going, and it is unfortunate that I didn't retain all of the owners from last year. The two teams that are available are the San Antonio Spurs, and The Brow Freak.

Please let me know on here if you are interested, as we also use Slack for league communication as well. I will send you the invite to chat first, and then once one there I will send you the invite to the team that you requested. 

You can also email me at: Jerry@herbergerconstruction.com

League Rules:

Owners are required to:
Be Active: Try and make your team better by adding guys through the waiver wire or trades.

Chat: I want all members to at least try and log-in to chat once a day, as it would be nice if all owners would be able to join chat to discuss trades, questions/concerns, suggestions, talk smack, etc.

Trade Block: Make sure that you are setting/updating your trade block.

Lineups: Make sure that your lineups are set, and you are taking guys of DL when need be.

Be Competitive, and have Fun!

Keeper Rules:
3 keepers per team: You will only be allowed to keep 3 players for one year after draft. You can also decide on not keeping any (starting over,) or select any number of keepers that you want as long as it is under 3.

The amount these particular keepers were drafted at will be deducted off your auction amount, as players that were picked off waivers will be considered a $1 as well if they happened to not be drafted.

You can keep players for 1 years after the year drafted. So, you get to keep for the year after draft, and the following year.

This will in turn keep the draft fresh year after year.

Looking forward to a great year! Good Luck League.


Jerry (LM)  

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You were not kicked for no reason. I asked you if you were coming back, and you gave me a maybe...and said that you rarely get on slack. I'm trying my best to find owners that want to be apart of league, and are All-in. 

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I am interested to join. Probably cant be on daily, but I can be on more than once a week.


I am experienced, but have not done many auctions. I would like to get more in to them and your league settings are very interesting to me. they let you build for the future many different ways and strategies which is cool and would keep me active and coming back. thanks

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