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Adams and Melvin for Diggs and Kamara WHIP 100%

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12 team PPR league

One team is 0-4 and desperate for wins. Another team is 2-2 and the trade is: Davtante Adams and Melvin Gordon for Kamara and Diggs. The team that is 0-4 would receive Kamara and Diggs and the team that is 2-2 would receive Adams and Melvin Gordon

The way I see it he can stash Adams and wait for Melvin to get full reps. Diggs is also on his bench.

Who wins the trade?

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Adams/Melvin wins the trade pretty easily because of how poor Diggs' outlook is, but Kamara is an absolute stud and in PPR the best player by a fair margin over MG3 even when he's back to full speed. I'd try to get a more consistent WR than Diggs if that was my side, but when you're 0-4 you gotta make something happen. It's a fair trade given the circumstances and it's always important to remember that just because a trade may look a little one-sided now, one injury or turn of events and all of the sudden the winning side now is the losing side later.

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