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NBA 80 Team NCAA themed Dynasty league 14/80

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Not your typical NBA Fantasy league. This is NCAA THEMED. Lineups will be weekly, not daily, this eliminates the grind. Yes some guys will get hurt on monday and you will will not be able to take him out of your lineup and he will not accumulate anymore points for the week, comparing it to football this is like your player getting hurt in the first quarter, it sucks but it happens.
This isn't a category league, players accumulate points like they do in fantasy football.
League will be on Fantrax, group me will be used for communication.
1 pt per point
2 pt per assist
2 pt per rebound
3 pt per steal
3 pt per block
10 pt per double double
20 pt per triple double
1 pt per 3pt fgm
-0.5 pt per missed ft
2 pt per turnover
-2 pt per technical foul
-1 pt per ejection
-3 pt per flagrant foul
30 Round draft, 15 starters 15 bench
2 PG
2 SG
1 G
2 SF
2 PF
1 F
2 C
There will also be no waiver wires throughout the season. There will be a 3 round rookie draft, and a 4 round supplemental draft following that. Supplemental drafts will have Free agents as well as rookies not drafted in the previous 3 rounds. Draft picks will be trade-able. Trading picks 2 years+ in the future will require you to pay those league fees upfront. This protects our league.

8 Conferences 80 Teams (ACC, B10, B12, P12, SEC, Big East, AAC, MWC,)
These will be 8 separate leagues. They will all have their own draft and unique player pool. You CANNOT trade with other conferences. During conference play you will not play players from your own team, during non-conference play this is very possible.
You play 3 teams every period for the first 12 periods of the season. The first 5 periods will be non conference play. These are 15 games where you can pick your opponents from other conferences. Every game matters because it will impact your ranking and ultimately your seeding. The final 7 periods will be conference play. You will play your Conference 21 times for a total of 36 games. The regular season will end Period 12. a Period is a duration (usually 7 days) in which you will play your opponent(s).

If the league started this year the Regular season would end Sunday January 19.

a 3 round Conference tournament will then occur in every conference.
This will take take place from Jan 20 to February 9th. (3weeks)

Winner will automatic qualify for NCAA tournament and win $150 each.

There will be a ranking committee consisting of 12 members, at least 1 from every conference. They will be responsible for submitting their Top 25 ranking each week. They will also be responsible for seeding the tournament. Their picks will be averaged out and that will be the result for the rankings. Rankings will matter, ranked games will be highlighted and important. Stats, articles, polls, and videos will be frequent. Rankings will be NCAA based and the league is to replicated the fun and excitement of March Madness and college basketball in a NBA fantasy league setting.
The 64 team tournament will take place from Feburary 10th to March 29th.

The 16 that didn't make it will battle for a #11 pick. This is a bonus pick that will be awarded only to the winner.


League fee 75$ x80 teams =$6000

Conf Champs: $150 x8 Teams= 1,200

#1 Seed $200 x4 Teams =800

Fantrax fee: $79.95
Champ $1.120.05

runner up $800

Final 4 =$250 x4 =$1000

Elite 8 x 125= $1000

Taken Teams 14/80

Florida State

Big 10
Michigan State
Ohio State


Big East

Witchita State

Mountain West
Gonzaga Bulldogs

Leave an email if interested

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