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8 man 9 cat h2h Draft Strategy WHIR

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In an 8 man 9 category h2h league (so quite shallow) with a snake draft.

I hold the 8th pick and am trying to come up with a coherent draft strategy.

Right now I am planning on taking either Lillard or Embiid as one of them will almost definitely be available (most likely Lillard). Would yall recommend Lebron, Beal, Kawhi, Butler or Vuc at that 9 spot? 

Also welcome any ideas for punting strategy.

Thanks all and happy to help with your topics in return.

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I'd go Big/Small , so you'll likely end up with Lillard + big. Personally, in the first 3 rounds I select the best players available. If you can overlook the injuries aspect then embiid would be a good pick. Maybe you might end up with another big. But I'd definitely grab the 2 best players available and go from there, most likely lillard + embiid/joker.



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Just personally, I wouldn't touch Embiid that early. Load management scares me too much. KAT, Harden, Curry, AD, Giannis and Jokic are gone, I'd happily go Lillard then Beal. Guards drop off quickly and I think there's plenty of bigs later in the draft you can build on with those two.

Help with mine?


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Thanks for help with mine. I’d take Lillard/Beal combo.

Plenty of bigs available from round 4-6

at your spot you’ll get a double pick. I’ll go 2x guards to secure assists then 2x bigs.

SF is also a difficult position to fill so Lillard/Kawhi is good too. Then look to get someone like Brogdon/SGA/Lowry after 2x bigs selection.

Good luck!

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I would go Lillard/Beal as my preferred combo but going Lillard/Embiid or Lillard/Kawhi would also work.

Could go punt FT% and TOs and go LeBron/Westbrook (although a bit early for Westbrook) but then could follow-up the 3rd round with Simmons or Doncic to follow that trend.





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