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M. Thomas / Ekeler for Zeke +1 ***WHIR***

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I’m 3-1 and the other 3-1 team in my league has offered Michael Thomas and Ekeler for Zeke and my choice to add either Josh Gordon, Em. Sanders, Marquise Brown or shady. Leaning towards adding Josh gordon. I love Zeke but I think I get just a little better with Thomas assuming Ekeler retains some PPR value in this 12 team league. I have lots of WE depth. 


I’m a little thin at running back and also have a few Chiefs on my roster which would be troublesome during by week.


The core of his team would then be Zeke, Fournette, Jacobs and Engram. I still like my squad.


My team:


QB: Wentz

RB: Zeke, Aaron Jones, Darrel Williams

WR: Em Sanders, Marquise Brown, Dorsett, Taylor Gabriel, Sammy Watkins, Josh Gordon,  Antonio Brown

TE: Kelce 

Def: Pats


Thanks in advance!!

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There's no telling exactly what kind of value Ekeler will have moving forward now that Melvin Gordon is back. Drew Brees IS going to return, if not until November (or something of that nature), which will boost Can'tGuardMike's value... Really tough call. I would probably hold based on the fact that you'd still only just have 3 running backs, without the cornerstone of Zeke.

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