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Agholor vs Dorsett/Fant vs. Howard (WHIR)

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Can't decide on who to trust this week as my flex & TE... PPR 

Dorsett against Washington makes a ton of sense, but it's also Alshon against the Jets... With Agholor getting zero targets last week it's scary putting him out there, but something tells me he rebounds this week as NY goes after Jeffrey a bit harder. Alshon is the type of guy to go 0-0-0 and then go 8-87-2...

Howard recording 6 points when his team scored 55 points has to be the scariest thing as an owner...but the Saints give up top 12 points to TE's... Fant isn't the best TE out there, but the Chargers aren't great at covering the big boys either. 

QB: Rodgers
RB1: McCaffrey
RB2: Fournette 
WR1: Jeffrey
WR2: Chark
TE: Fant vs. Howard
FLX: Agholor vs. Dorsett
D/ST: Titans
K: Slye

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I like Dorsett against a weak Washington team.  My only fear would be if New England eventually tries to save on Brady and their receivers and starts running the ball down the Redskins' throats.  That said, I think he's a better bet than Agholor.

I'd also take Howard over Fant based on the match-up, but it is a coin-flip in my mind.  



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