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6 Spots Left In A NEW FREE ESPN Points-Based Keeper League

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I have 6 spots left to fill (out of 10) in a new points-based keeper league that's intended to be based around a simple concept. It's hosted on ESPN and does not involve money (there aren't too many of those anymore). Each team is supposed to be named after a current (or former) NBA franchise. Two people ended up joining having overlooked this fact (this happened when I was trying to fill this league at the same time as another league of mine that had no theme in a single thread). I want to get back on track with what I originally intended.

The draft is currently set for next Sunday (October 13th). If you're interested, leave (or DM me) an email to send the invite to and let me know what franchise you want your team to represent. This has no actual effect on rosters (it's for league purposes). I successfully launched a football version of this league and I'm hoping to do the same with basketball. Here's the link to the league:



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2 minutes ago, jhorn2013 said:



Id like Detroit Pistons, if Taken let me know and ill pick a new one


I was going to be in this league, now it doesn't exist and my team has disappeared from my espn team list.  Think LM bailed.

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