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25$ 15 Tm, ESPN, LeagueSafe, keeper

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Starting a new 15 Team, 7 keeper league. PG, SG, SF, PF, C, Util, 6 bench spots. We will draft for the first season and continue a keeper league for 4 years max before redrafting. I have 7 teams filled already. 8 left to fill.


ESPN and LeagueSafe used. Leave email if interested. Draft is next Sat

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13 minutes ago, mattcasada said:

Looks like the link is set to private. Can you open it up or describe the setting (points, roto, cat? Snake vs auction? Draft date?)

Should be open now. Draft is snake, random order an hour before the draft. Oct 11 at 8pm EST.

Stat Categories just in case the league can't be viewed. 
Field Goals Made (FGM)
Rebounds (REB)
Assists (AST)
Steals (STL)
Blocks (BLK)
Turnovers (TO)
Points (PTS)
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4 hours ago, Damareeck said:





4 hours ago, Behcjcnr said:



6 hours ago, pozzivybe said:

I'm in! pozzivybe at aol do com. Thanks! Don't let the old school email throw you off. I'm resistant to change, LOL!


Invite sent to all three 

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