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Giannis Antetokounmpo 2019-2020 Outlook

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that's respect not disrespect mayne. the shorter your thread the better you are

It's our fault, we go so crazy over RINGS RINGS RINGS that anything short of a championship is considered a failure. It's no wonder that teams consider winning a title to be the only goal worth pursui

Nice! Next year maybe Yahoo will open up a load management fantasy league.  I’d surely be champion.

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1 hour ago, iowncrazyhair said:

Whats everyones thoughts on the current mvp? Bucks lost brogdon but added matthews  (and korver who’s mentoring his shooting) but the east just got weaker and if they cruise through the season we could see load management? 

All the stars are aligning: weaker conference, a couple past knee issues, and a coach that focuses on minutes restrictions and rest. That said of the top 5 I think KAT and Harden are the only ones you could say is less likely to rest than GA, AD, and Curry. But there may be more risk this year with Harden and Westbrook alternating than in the past. 

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7 minutes ago, ssolitare said:

If you have Giannis do you have to punt FT? Like with Harden you have to punt FG?

Not strictly speaking, he was "only" the 15th most negative contributor to FT last year and was much better the year before that. But that's what I chose to do this year anyway.

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4 minutes ago, a-rob said:

Did he airball any of those 9 FTs? If no then we're good. The disrespect that this guy is getting, he is putting up monster 30/15 lines on a nightly basis, and he only has 1 page so far in this thread? His numbers are reminiscent of Shaq during his prime years with the Lakers! Unbelievable

that's respect not disrespect mayne. the shorter your thread the better you are

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8 hours ago, RLDN106 said:

If you own Giannis you're punting FT. I never saw the issue, he was an anchor on a punt FT/3's/TO team last year.

Absolute stat stuffer.

Yep, drafted him with this exact strategy in mind and it's working very well so far. You can get guys like Drummond, Capela, Montrezl Harrell, and Ben Simmons who are also excellent in the build.

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